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The Hunting Collective

Mar 26, 2018

Charles Post might look like a walking contradiction. Dig a bit deeper and you'll find he's far from it.  Born and raised in northern California, Charles earned a B.S. and M.S. in ecology from U.C. Berkeley, serves as a conservation advisor for Sitka and editor of Modern Huntsman.

He's a Montana based filmmaker with a penchant for wildlife conservation stories that challenge the norms of perception. Whether it's Sky Migrations, a film Charles co-directed and is featured in, which shines a light on the conservation of raptors across two hemispheres, or a pair of upcoming films he's co-directing with Ben Masters: one that shines a light on bighorn sheep conservation in West Texas, and another that exposes the ecological impacts of wild horses on public land.

His approach stands out because he tells conservation stories through a lens free from the strings of politics or blind emotion. His social media account has become a forum for thoughtful conversations around wildlife, ecology and hunting. With his first season bowhunting public land ending with the harvest of a nice bull, Charles has waded further into the conversation, something we explore in this episode. Enjoy.